Thursday, August 29, 2019

Earthquake preparedness in the Philippines

The safety and wellbeing of your loved ones are important, so take time NOW to develop a family earthquake preparedness plan. If you have already developed a plan, take time to review and update it. Below is a sample plan that you can use for your family.

For the past two decades, geological reports referred to a major earthquake that will rip off Metro Manila through the fault line starting from Mari

What to do DURING an Earthquake: 

1. If you are inside a structurally sound building, stay there.

  • Protect your bodies from falling debris by bracing yourself in doorway or by getting under a sturdy desk or table.

2. If you are outside, move to an open area.

  • Get away from power lines, posts, walls and other structures that may fall or collapse.
  • Stay away from buildings with glass panes.
  • If you are on a mountain or near steep hill slope, move away from steep escarpments which may be affected by landslide.

 3. When driving a vehicle, pull to the side of the road and stop.

  • Do not attempt to cross bridges or overpass which may have been damaged.
  • If you are along the shore and you feel a very strong earthquake, strong enough to make standing difficult, it is always safest to assume that tsunami (giant sea waves) has been triggered. Run away from the shore toward higher ground.
  • Make it habit to turn of gas tanks when not in use.  

What to do AFTER an Earthquake:  

1. If you are inside an old, weak structure, take the fastest and safest away out! 

  • Do not rush to the exit; get out calmly in an orderly manner.
  • Do not use elevators, use the stairs.
  • Check yourself and others for injuries.  

2. Help reduce the number of casualties from the earthquake. 

  • Don't enter partially damage buildings; strong aftershocks may cause these collapse
  • Gather information and disaster prevention instructions from battery-operated radios.
  • Obey public safety precaution.  

 3. Check your Surroundings. 

  • Clean-up chemical spills, toxic and flammable materials to avoid any chain of unwanted events.
  • Check for fire and if any, have it controlled.
  • Check your water and electrical lines for defects, if any damage is suspected, turn the system off in the main valve or switch.  

4. Unless you need emergency help,: 

  • Do not use your telephone to call relatives and friends. Disaster prevention authorities may need the line for emergency communication.
  • Do not use your car and drive around areas of damage, rescue and relief operations need the roads for mobility.

5. If you must evacuate your residence, leave a message stating where you are going.

  • Take with you your earthquake survival kit, which should contain all necessary items for your protection and comforts.

To be effective, they must be done before earthquakes occur. Preparing for earthquakes involves 1) Learning what employers should do before, during and after earthquakes; 2) Doing or preparing to do those things now, before the next quake; 3) Workplace preparedness requires the participation of owners, managers and workers, as well as those who design, build, regulate and maintain buildings used as workplaces. The following are activities that can be undertaken now.

Keeping your family safe before, during, and after an earthquake requires proper planning. We hope this guide will provide you the foundation necessary to protect your family and home in the face of a disaster.


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