Monday, January 4, 2016

JPN-1052 Essential Features and Specifications

Intelligent Stand-Alone Seismic Accelerograph. JPN-1052 doesn't use a computer for the equipment to be operational. Highly Advanced and Intelligent, yet simple to operate. That's the Japanese Way.

Touch Screen Colored Earthquake Information Display Panel to allow easy access of Historical Data, Settings, etc, anytime you need to.

Provides Real Time Data of Ground Movement Acceleration, Seismic Intensity Scale and SI Value - Velocity Response Spectrum. Continuous Monitoring and Recording.

Tri-Axial Servo Type Sensor - providing you with the most accurate and highly reliable sensor technology in Seismic monitoring. High precision. No Noise. No False Alarm. 3 Directions. X, Y, Z Axis.

10-Output Alarm and Shut-Off Mechanism. Each Alarm Channel can have an individual setting or trigger level to be used to activate external alarms such as Fire Alarm Systems, Sirens, Public Announcement Systems, Building Management Systems and used to shut off Elevators, Electricity Lines, Water Lines, Fire doors, Airconditioning Cooling Towers and other important equipment. Minimizing damages to our properties and investments.

JPN-1052 is IP67 Waterproof.

Internal Alarm (Visual + Audible) - There is a loud buzzer and the display panel changes colors depending on the strength of the Earthquake.

Back-up Internal Battery in the event that there is power interruption.

To continuously record aftershocks and allow people to access the recorded data.

Equipped with Fault Detection Alarm System, alerting you if there is abnormality or irregularities in the machine

Ergonomic design and made of the highest quality materials.